1980: memorie di un passato sofferto, riflessioni per un futuro migliore

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First prize at 15th MEDIARC International Festival of Architecture in Video (Section Best Film-Project). For the value of the documentation gathered as part of the social and constructing reality before and after the earthquake, and for the directing ability to communicate with style and passion a piece of Italian history.

This ducumentary tells the story of Salvitelle and Romagnano al Monte, two towns not far from Salerno (Italy) destroyed by the earthquake in Irpinia. From 1980 to 2010 they had two different fates: the first reconstructed, the second abandoned.
Through the memories of citizens and professionals engaged in the complex reconstruction of the territories, are told of the difficulties faced over the years, the moments of daily life (past and present), traditions and folklore that over the years has remained very dear to the inhabitants of the country.

Directed and edited by
Tommaso de Sando

Music: Video Copilot Pro Scores

Original Music by:
M. Mascagni

This documentary was made for Laboratory of Urban Planning by prof. Francesco Ventura.
University of Florence, Architecture 2010/2011

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