Augusto Mazzini - Shared experiences

LOGO Esperienza condivise


Installation of the exhibition “Augusto Mazzini – shared experiences” cycle “Toscana Architects” in the exhibition space “Sopra le logge” in Pisa.

Exhibition / exhibit design


The exhibition “Augusto Mazzini – esperienze condivise” (shared experiences) is part of the cycle “Toscana Architects” – ten expositions of ten architects with national reputation, coordinated by arch. Roberto Pasqualetti – in the space “Sopra le Logge” in Pisa. The exhibition space is divided into three levels and it was set up with panels, model, posters and a documentary that show Augusto Mazzini’s career. The architectural research start from the sketch (with many sketchbook) until the graphic-art and the urban planning, through the urban schemes that are still effective in the 3D age.

At the end the Masters: Aalto, De Carlo, Smithson. Personality that have contributed in a fundamental way to build the way of making architecture in Studio Mazzini.

(Pisa, exhibition space “Sopra le Logge”, 30 March 2012 – 20 May 2012).


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