Sport center in Florence

LOGO Firenze


Expansion and redesign of the Department of Architecture. Organizing new workshops areas for the Department of Construction. Create a sports center. Design of a new urban park.

University structures / sports facilities


The project involves the extension of the Facoltà di Architettura of Florence (located in the former convent of Santa Verdiana) with the implementation of new teaching laboratories for the Dipartimento di Costruzioni, a new park and a sports center with swimming pool, gym and spa.
For laboratories is proposed the reuse of the area currently occupied by “aula bunker” of the court; the sports facilities replace the Telecom buildings overlooking Viale della Giovine Italia and the near Archivio di Stato.

The buildings form a homogeneous tissue within the urban area in which the project reuse and transform the space. The green areas becomes university campus and relaxing oasis in the urban context.

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