Residential development in Siena

LOGO Vico Alto


Subsidized housing in Vico Alto, Siena. Design of 20 apartments over two buildings, townhouses and multi-family house. Internal road for access to the garage. Drawing private green areas.

Residential settlement / public spaces


The area is located in Siena, on the edge of the district of Via Vico Alto in Tuscany, not far from the Church of the neighborhood and the aqueduct: This position may assume an ideal conclusion of a residential neighborhood. The project involves the construction of eight apartments in two buildings: Building A is obtained by combining the four units, then terraced houses, Building B is a multi-family house with two floors. You can access the garage and wine cellar with two ramps placed at both ends of the area; walking there are private driveways and the various entrances to the apartments. Building A consists of four duplex apartments, building B has a central space in which it develops the communal staircase. The whole green area has been divided to offer each apartment a large private garden, both the front and the rear of buildings. In addition it is planned to install photovoltaic systems on the roof in the orientation South, South-West. The goal was to meld high architectural quality, flexible living space and a low total cost of construction.

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