Urban redevelopment of Salvitelle: the new City Hall

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Redevelopment of the urban area occupied by the City Hall. Expansion of office space and conference rooms. Redesign of the public areas.

Office administration / multipurpose facility


The project is part of a proposed of urban refurbishing for Salvitelle, a town near Salerno, who in 1980 was severely affected by the earthquake in Irpinia
This regeneration should consist in the ability of each of the projects to start functional references. Individual projects must meet real needs and have the quality of a functional design that make them as points of irradiation. The projects must also be capable of stimulating both the urban structure and the elements that already exist in the town.

The new Town Hall is a reinforced concrete building with pillars and partitions walls in the stairwell and in the elevator shaft. Is possible to enter the building from De Nicola Street with a ramp that leads to the first floor, instead the entry from the country is through a walkway that brings to a public space at the top of the building. On the roof there are some benches and skylights that bring light into the corridor below.


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