Sapori & Dintorni in Piazza del Campo


Transformation of spaces placed in Piazza del Campo for the opening of the Conad store, Sapori & Dintorni.



The project concerns the transformation of a portion of the ground floor of Palazzo Petroni, who in 1300 already faced on the Piazza del Campo, and became, for a long stretch, the left front of Via di Salicotto.

The cleaning of the interiors spaces by the layers which are superimposed over the years allowed to regain the original dimensions: this has made possible the realization of a slight ramp, not only to avoid too many stairs, but also to have a main access which opens the inside to the outside and the other way around. The paving of this section is in “pietra serena”. An internal road.

Other interventions that greatly change the reading of the interior spaces concerns the partial reopening of an internal arc, then fragmented into small and secondary openings over the years. This reopening allows the environments and the commercial operation of acquiring readability of the continuity of space: that is, an intervisibility.

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