Wohnen für alle



Construction of 18 apartments in two residential units in the district Detmerode in Wolfsburg.

New construction / Apartments

2016 – ongoing

During April 2016 the Company Neuland announced the first realization of the project “Wohnen für alle” and it will take place in the district Detmerode in Theodor-Heuss-Straße. The project consists in the ralization of a couple of three-foors buildings for 18 Apartments between 57 m² and 95 m². In every floor it will be placed a disabled-access apartment. The typologies will be sustainable building (KfW-55 Standard) and quickly erected to meet the high demand for housing, particularly in Detmerode district.

At first were made the feasibility studies in order to respect the distances from existing buildings and to connect roads, parking lots and services within the green area. From here it has developed a module-type that could be flexible on this and other situations. Regarding the parking lots, the formula to be applied for this type of construction is 1 = 1 (one apartment = one parking lot), and then were identified 18 new parking, expanding the existing parking and rethinking a different distrubution for the pedestrian streets within the area.



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